Green Serpentine Gem Essence


Trust, Courage, Healing

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Green Serpentine (Mt. Shasta) Essence


The serpentine stone we used for this essence was mined in 2009 from one of the ridges of Mt. Shasta. This essence is full of heart energy, assists in opening the heart chakra. Helpful for all conditions of the heart. Taking this essence can be compared to putting a soft cozy blanket around your shoulders. Promotes trust, courage, and aids in healing on all levels. Clears energy blockages and balances chakras. Releases fear connected to change. Connects one to the energies of St. Germaine and the plant kingdom. Assists in communication with the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Brings good fortune to one in areas of business, personal dreams, and desires.


1oz. = 30ml.  Dosage bottle approximately 600 drops

½ oz = 15ml.  Stock bottle approximately 300 drops 



Distilled water, organic vodka, green serpentine essence. Vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar may be substituted for organic vodka.

Directions for use: 

Apply 3 drops to wrist massage into skin. Apply to chakra points. Add 6-10 drops to your bath, put in a mister, lotion, body oil, the possibilities are endless. Historically essences were taken in 1 inch of water. 


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