Andara Avalon Blue Crystal Glass Essence


Acceptance, Compassion, Grace

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Andara Avalon Blue Crystal Glass


Andara Avalon Blue Crystal Glass was mined in 2010 from Mt. Shasta. As you can see from the photo of the specimen, we used it looks like an angel’s wing is etched on the glass. This essence can assist you in connecting to your guardian angels. This essence clears blockages in the throat chakra and aligns the chakra system. Allows one to speak their truth from the heart. Connects you to the Heavens and Earth. Avalon Blue helps you to have acceptance of situations in your life. It brings about compassion for self and others and restores grace into one’s life. Calming, soothing, bringing peace and balance into one’s life. 



1oz. = 30ml.  Dosage bottle approximately 600 drops 

½ oz = 15ml.  Stock bottle approximately 300 drops  



Distilled water, organic vodka, andara Avalon blue crystal glass essence. (All essences can be made with apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin if requested.) 


Directions for use:

Apply 3 drops to wrist massage into skin. Apply to chakra points. Add 6-10 drops to your bath, put in a mister, lotion, body oil, the possibilities are endless. Historically essences were taken in 1 inch of water.


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