Alexandrite Essence


Joy, Abundance, Grief

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Alexandrite Essence

Description: One of the world’s rarest gemstones. In Russia it was thought to bring good fortune. This stone is unique as it changes color from green in the sunlight to red-purple in artificial lighting. Green heart energy, purple higher wisdom. Helps one to move through grief or self-pity, helps one to re-claim their power. Stone of eternal hope. Good for procrastination due to fear. Helps one to understand difficult emotional experiences. Assists one in understanding the wisdom hidden in difficult emotional experiences. Gives hope in even the darkest of times. Stimulates the pineal and the pituitary glands, opens the crown through heart chakras. Helps one to relax in order to help physical healing. This elixir carries a very joyful vibration. Powerful in assisting inner transformation. Assists in manifesting one’s dreams and heart’s desires. Opens the heart chakra for receiving love from others. Useful for fear in the healing process, physical or emotional. Use before surgery or other invasive processes. This elixir is useful for practitioners of all healing modalities. Use as a mister in the auric field or on acupressure points. Beneficial in skincare products for its regenerative power. Helps to align the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies, bringing about a more balanced emotional state.



1oz.=30ml. Dosage bottle approximately 600 drops

½ oz= 15ml.  Stock bottle approximately 300 drops


Distilled water, organic vodka, growth interference quartz essence. (All essences can be made with apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin if requested.)

Directions for use:

Apply 3 drops to wrist massage into skin. Apply to chakra points. Add 6-10 drops to your bath, put in a mister, lotion, body oil, the possibilities are endless. Historically essences were taken in 1 inch of water.


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